Complete Works

As of today, my complete titles are:

The Heart Grows Stronger

The Incident


I’m Watching You


He’s After Me

Poetry Beside Rippling Waters

The Tiger Story and the Sarah and the Glass Castle Stories: A Short Anthology for Children

A Candle, a Goblet & a Crystal Ball: The Paintings and Stories of K. E. Ward

Four Short Stories

Train Tracks and the Spider and the Fly

Ladies of the Night


Except for the first one, these may be found at Have a pleasant night!


Published by

K. E. Ward

Author. My first novel is published under the author name, "K. E. Ward," and is available in paperback from and My second novel and three of my novellas are published on I am into creative writing, visual arts, dancing, acting, and singing. I live in a household with roommates and two dogs. I love coffee; I live in Seattle, WA. Most days I spend reading in a corner of my couch and trying to figure out how to be most creative with my time and my energy.

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