My Mother’s Books

I told you briefly that my mother is also self-published. Her narrative poetry was previously published in a literary magazine called, I believe, Dream International Quarterly, although I do not think it is still in print. She received a Master’s Degree in English from UNC-Chapel Hill, and edited my first two books, The Heart Grows Stronger, and The Incident. She told me a lot of things about The Heart Grows Stronger I didn’t want to change; so, I didn’t. And she was very picky about The Incident, although I think she was impressed. I did not ask her to edit my subsequent books, because I thought she might not like them. Well, I told you about her poetry earlier, but I didn’t include a picture of the books or direct you to her website. The title of her poetry again is, Snowdrop Fair: Nehama’s Dream. And she has a professional website; I prefer to use WordPress. You may find her website at: Thank you, and have a pleasant day!