New Collection


Hi everyone, I told you I might make a comeback into the writing scene; well, I made a very little one. Here is a picture of the cover of my latest collection, which is very short, of four short stories. It is only twenty pages!




poetry-bookHello, everyone! I am happy to announce I found another book of poetry I absolutely adore, by the poet Joanie Mackowski. Her book of poetry is entitled, View from a Temporary Window. She is award-winning. Though I am jealous of her and her many awards, I sincerely like the way she writes. I am always looking for new poetry, just as I am always looking for new novels. As you know, I do a little bit of all three: novels, poetry, and art. I found her work luxurious and beautiful, edgy and prayerful. What I mean by that you will just have to look and see for yourself, if you have time.


Again, I would like to apologize for retiring from the writing life. I will meditate about it for a while. But as you know, creativity always has a way of metamorphosing into something new. However, I did have an idea for a novelette, based upon the Colacurcio family of Seattle, because I am from Seattle. Perhaps it is a little-known story about how the Colacurcio family owned strip clubs in the city, apparently had ties to the Sicilian Mafia, and led a prostitution ring. Sounds like your average thriller piece, but the story itself is fictional, supposedly set at a rival nightclub in the neighborhood of Lake City. I like to use unique words. I cannot get enough of unique words, even though it is impossible not to duplicate words when it comes to creativity. The point of the story is to illustrate the dirty side of a city with respect and intelligence. And thus we have come to a parallel in all of my pieces, especially my first novel, in which the villain is an Italian mob boss. He was the illegitimate child of another mob boss with a prostitute, but was raised by a humble Italian family. He went to school and then joined the Italian army. He came to the United States and went to Harvard law school, and later became an extremely brilliant lawyer. But his dark side was what pulled me into the piece more than anything else. Was it his dark side, or was there something valuable enough to salvage, even though he was a proven criminal? So, later he became a billionaire, with a penthouse on Billionaire’s Row in Manhattan. It still sounds like your average thriller piece. I mean, nowadays one may find romance novel titles like The Billionaire’s Virgin Bride, so of course it sounds like trash. But my point is that God redeems even the most evil person, unless he or she never accepts him into the heart. The Heart Grows Stronger, another title that sounds like a lukewarm, heartwarming, fmily, easy-listening piece, is actually my favorite work, because though the word, “heart,” some might call trite, can be meaningful.


More Recommended Books

Below are photographs of three books: the first one is a book that my creative writing teacher in high school wrote and let me borrow, but I never gave it back. I remember distinctly how the main character kept talking about spirals on the toenails and the pearl strand: something that the protagonist was obsessed with talking about. The main character’s life and thoughts sounded so much like she had had a psychotic break that one wonders if she has schizophrenia. Eve’s Longing, perhaps pertaining to original sin and Mary, was fascinating, very spiritual, and beautiful.

The second book I have pictured here is a book aptly entitled Blame. I picked it up at the bookstore a few weeks ago.

And lastly, this is a book I picked up today.