The Cover

The cover.

Actually, I liked how the cover came out. Once or twice when I was in high school, I cut out pictures in magazines of a forest and made a sort of homemade paperback printout of the book. So I always wanted the book to be in print. Why do you think I chose this photograph? Because of my first daydream– the one of the girl running through a forest. I do like nature; I think that nature is an important reflection of ourselves and our lives.


A Little Bit of Background about Myself

Good morning, and I hope you all are having a pleasant time. A little bit about me… I have only published one novel so far, and I began creating it at the age of twelve after a daydream which developed into something longer. I was sitting in my mother’s car that day, and we were listening to the stereo. I remember it so clearly. A song came on which I liked very much, and I sat there listening to it as we drove. I pictured a girl running in a forest with someone chasing after her. Then the next song came on, and I managed to imagine a bit of a love story about it. Many years later, The Heart Grows Stronger came out in paperback. It is not a romance, nor was it ever supposed to be a romance. I do not like how people confuse it with one. Unfortunately, it is about law, and the interpretation of law. Who sets the rules? Who is supposed to obey the rules? Is lying ever good? And what is ultimate deception? You see, I suppose that it is very romantic in a certain sense. Julie, my heroine, falls desperately in love with our hero, who is a kind of savior to her, a Jesus Christ. Then we have the villain, who in many ways I believe is the most complicated character. He is supposedly evil, and yet at the same time, we find out in the end that he is good, and was always good. I do not consider it a love triangle , either. There is a simple love story between Todd and Julie, but Michael is her true leader, true savior, and true love. Through bitterness we come to understand that pain brings strength, and of course, through pain our hearts increase in strength. I thought it was very good, and that my ideas were very complicated, and that I knew about law and lawyers very well, and that I understood law and the courtroom very well. In my book we brush upon the idea of justice, though it is only suggested. Michael turns out to be the devil himself, but has a soul as valiant as God himself, and thus, we find out that he is the Archangel Michael, in human form, ready to love you, and protect you. Julie, our heroine, is the Virgin Mary, and though I said before that Michael was the most complicated character, it is actually Julie, who is our true heroine. And in the book, we won the fight. Thank you for coming across my page. I am very proud if my first work, though I have written other books. A couple of them are published on the Web, free to read, on, a British website for authors. Have a great day, K. E. Ward.