New Fiction: Maddie’s Fight by K. E. Ward

Maddie's Fight


Hello everyone, I try to keep my websites up-to-date about the latest projects I’m working on and my latest publications. This morning, Maddie’s Fight became available on the free-ebooks site. Do take a look at it. It’s a free download.



In case you missed it the first time, my short memoir, Reflections of an Artist, has been available as a free download on In it, I am revealing parts of my life to you which have shaped the way I communicate and express art to others. I am proud to present this snapshot of my life in ebook format, and if you choose to read it, I hope you will enjoy it, too. Thank you, and have a great evening.

Reflections of an Artist

Moon, a Short Story


Hi again, The other day I uploaded my short story, “Moon,” onto After my short memoir, I was ready to try fiction again. This particular short story is yet again another genre of literature, (typical of my writing), which is paranormal suspense. In it I tell you the tale of a sixteen-year-old girl who believes she is a psychic, and would like to become a famous psychic one day. However, she receives a disturbing, recurring vision of her future, and would like to alter her destiny. It is a ten-page short story with a couple of twists and turns, and I hope you will enjoy reading it, if you so choose to do so. Happy reading, and have a good day. -K. E. Ward




Hi folks, I finished and uploaded my short memoir, entitled, Reflections of an Artist, onto I give you a brief summary of my life, from creativity, to education, to personal heartbreaks, to mental illness, and to recovery. As I was writing novels, poetry, children’s books, and short stories, and drawing and painting, I was also living quite the psychotic life. I give you an account of extremely painful things which have happened to me, and explain how I was able to ask for help and recover. In it you will find that I am still a very sensitive person, but I have managed to muster enough strength to have hope. Thank you so much for reading. You are a wonderful audience.

Reflections of an Artist

New Children’s Stories

Unicorn Story Cover

Yesterday, I forgot to mention I have another short book up on free-ebooks. It is called, The Unicorn Who Cried, a collection of three children’s stories, three poems, and a background about the author. The cover is a simple drawing I made many years ago, anticipating a future work. The Unicorn Who Cried, along with The Tiger Story & The Sarah and the Glass Castle Stories: A Short Anthology for Children, are my books meant for younger audiences.

Complete Works

As of today, my complete titles are:

The Heart Grows Stronger

The Incident


I’m Watching You


He’s After Me

Poetry Beside Rippling Waters

The Tiger Story and the Sarah and the Glass Castle Stories: A Short Anthology for Children

A Candle, a Goblet & a Crystal Ball: The Paintings and Stories of K. E. Ward

Four Short Stories

Train Tracks and the Spider and the Fly

Ladies of the Night


Except for the first one, these may be found at Have a pleasant night!

Latest Publication

This is the cover for my latest publication, found on I tried a different kind of fiction this time, a short story about vampires. It is told through the eyes of four female vampires, whose first initials spell V-A-M-P. I do hope you will enjoy it if you so choose to take a look at it. -K. E. Ward


Vampire Cover