Something Else to Add

Truth be told, all of the heroines in my books, including my science-fiction novellas, and excluding my novelettes and children’s books, are me. I design them after myself with physical differences and circumstantial differences. The voice of my poetry is my own; but they are also works of fiction. I used to write short stories when I was a child, and all of my main characters were not me. Were they? When I conceive of a story, I picture myself handling all of the challenges, experiencing the sights and sounds and smells and tastes and sensations, and ultimately conquering the battle. And my stories and novels hopefully reflect how I feel about you all. And once I have convinced you all how much I love you, I will have left my mark upon the earth.





My Other Works

My other works include:

Novacadia, a science-fiction novella.

The Incident, a work of fiction.

I’m Watching You, an unfinished psychological thriller.

Streetwalker, a suspense/thriller.

Poetry Beside a Rippling Water, a collection of poems.

Four Novelettes, still in the works.

The Sarah and the Glass Castle Stories, a series of children’s books.

The Tiger Story, a children’s book my mother, also a published author, and I once wrote together.

My mother’s author name is E. L. Ward. She is the author of Snowdrop Fair: Nehama’s Dream, and Snowdrop Fair: Nehama’s Dream, second edition. These are two versions of her narrative poetry. The same as my first book, The Heart Grows Stronger, by K. E. Ward, these two books are available for purchase at,, and