My Job

I am a legal administrative assistant by trade. I took legal classes in Seattle, after having studied clinical psychology for three semesters. I applied my legal expertise and talent to the writing of my first novel. But now, I would like to talk about law and law practice. The law is the rule by which we live; it is what we must obey to live happily and peaceably. Law practice is the art of enforcing the law. The law tells us to behave in a certain way and not to behave in a certain way. Law changes, that is true, but the meaning remains the same. Law practice enforces the law, which changes, by persuasion and by argument. I decided to be a legal administrative assistant because I wanted to do clerical work (I am good at organizational thought and attention to detail), but I knew I could climb the ladder. I knew I had true talent, because I am good at persuading. But the point is, I believe in truth. One of the mottos of the Dominican Order of the Roman Catholic Church is, “Veritas,” which means truth. Jesus spoke of a truth by which we all must obey, otherwise, to the devil with us. The truth, the little truth, is that we must love, and love honestly. The courtroom tells us to not bear false witness against our neighbor, and so do the Ten Commandments, otherwise it is perjury. I believe, since the Canon Law supersedes country law in all countries, that to dishonor the blessed Virgin Mary is the unforgivable sin, for as a little human being, one who is without any stain whatsoever, she is love, and love itself.


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K. E. Ward

Author. My first novel is published under the author name, "K. E. Ward," and is available in paperback from and My second novel and three of my novellas are published on I am into creative writing, visual arts, dancing, acting, and singing. I live in a household with roommates and two dogs. I love coffee; I live in Seattle, WA. Most days I spend reading in a corner of my couch and trying to figure out how to be most creative with my time and my energy.

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