Another Children’s Book Cover

This is the cover for a children’s book I came up with years ago in answer to The Last Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle. It would really be the favorite of a thirteen-year-old, however. You see, The Last Unicorn made me cry so much, that I always wanted there to be a princess and also a unicorn. So, perhaps there was an evil spell cast on the book and movie to make us want to know more! I try to separate my children’s books and adult books as much as I possibly can, because of the subject matter, and also I would ask for parental supervision with youths who perhaps want to read my adult books. Not that I haven’t tried to keep them tame.The Unicorn2


Published by

K. E. Ward

Author. My first novel is published under the author name, "K. E. Ward," and is available in paperback from and My second novel and three of my novellas are published on I am into creative writing, visual arts, dancing, acting, and singing. I live in a household with roommates and two dogs. I love coffee; I live in Seattle, WA. Most days I spend reading in a corner of my couch and trying to figure out how to be most creative with my time and my energy.

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